FAQs: How to Become a Book Writer

A lot of people have come to me wanting to know how to become a book writer, and I have the same advice for all of them: In today’s marketplace, the fastest and easiest way to start writing books and actually getting people to buy them is to build a following first. The following is where your money is at, not in the book itself. Even if it’s not about the money to you, the simple fact of the matter is that your book is useless if nobody is going to read it, and nobody is going to read it unless you have a following.

How to Become a Book Writer: Gain a Following

At, we have a framework that we use to build a following in a particular industry, and this works pretty much regardless of what kind of industry you want to write in. If you want to write about anything from adult stories to guides on how to remodel your house, you can do it using this universal framework.

We teach you how to get paid for writing, build a following for that writing, and then cash in on that following with a series of books.

So What is Involved in This Framework?

When it comes to writing books and getting people to buy them, there’s a process that our framework will have you follow to build up an initial following. Once you have enough people backing you and you release your book, word of mouth will help to grow that following (and your book sales) to a greater degree. We’ll hold your hand and walk you through these steps:

  1. Getting paid work writing in a related industry to get your message and expertise out there.
  2. Leverage the readers of that work to want to read more of what you have to say.
  3. Consolidate that into a single following that cares about your work.
  4. Grow that following to the point that releasing a new book means lots of readers.

But How Do You Get Paid Work?

The number one thing I get asked about in this framework is how I’m so positively certain that I’ll be able to show people how to get paid work. I’ve been doing this long enough and have enough experience helping friends with this method that it’s easy at this point. If you can manage to tie your own shoes, then you’ll be able to manage getting paid with writing work while you become a book writer that people actually want to read. It’s that simple as long as you follow the framework.

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